Pierre Ingram

About Me

Pierre Ingram is the offensive coordinator for the Fujitsu Frontiers Pro American football squad. Pierre has coached at the college and professional levels for over 13 years. He was a division one football player and track and field athlete. As a coach, he has gotten a lot of praise because his teams have done well on the field.

Everyone knows who Pierre Ingram is. In college football recruiting, he has an impressive list of past jobs. But Ingram's true calling has been to coach football for as long as he can remember. After Ingram graduated from Middle Tennessee State University, he started working as an assistant coach for the wide receiver position at Cortland State University. With his help, the team could go to the 2007 ECAC Division III Northeast Bowl and the 2008 NCAA Division III Quarterfinals.

After that, Pierre Ingram went to work as the wide receiver coach and recruiting coordinator for Texas A&M Commerce. Because of this, Ingram got a job at Villanova University as an offensive assistant coach. Because of what Ingram did, Villanova won the NCAA FCS regular season title in 2009 because of his work.

Later in life, Pierre Ingram helped the Louisiana Tech University football team do well and get to the Poinsettia Bowl by working as an assistant running back coach. ESPN.com and footballscoop.com gave him awards for his work as Recruiter of the Year and Final Four Running Back Coach of the Year.

Then, Pierre Ingram worked at the University of California, Berkeley, as a coach for wide receivers and the head of recruiting. Rivals.com named him one of the Top 10 Pac-12 Recruiters in 2014, another sign of his hard work.

Pierre Ingram has been a coach for 15 NFL players, 2 All-Americans, 8 All-Conference Players, and Ray Holley, who was on the 2012 Capital One Academic All-American first team. He also helped find Jared Goff, who was picked first by the Los Angeles Rams in the 2016 NFL draft. This added to his reputation as one of the league's best talent scouts and head coaches.

Since 2015, when he took a job as offensive coordinator for the Fujitsu Frontiers of the Pro American Football League, Pierre Ingram has been taking on a new challenge. He is excited to take on this new role and hopes the team will keep doing great things for a long time.

The father of Pierre Ingram was a lieutenant colonel in the army, but he got out of the service. Because he grew up on different military bases across the country, Pierre has a unique point of view. This made Pierre travel a lot, which no doubt made him want to keep going to new places and learning new things. Pierre's father also taught him to work hard and never give up. This has helped him a lot in his career as a player and a coach.

Pierre Ingram is now a proud father of three children and a skilled barbecue chef. He loves to spend time with his family when he's not cooking. Ingram's favorite thing is to share a meal with his friends and family and see them happy and full.

Pierre Ingram went to Middle Tennessee State University and got a bachelor's degree in liberal arts in 2006. Ingram played wide receiver for four years on the MTSU football team. During his senior year, he was named the team's Most Dependable Receiver. Drew got his master's degree in sports management at Cortland State after getting his bachelor's degree at Middle Tennessee State.